Jesus Youth Canada

Jesus Youth is an international Catholic Movement, approved by the Holy See that challenges young people to live a meaningful, creative and fulfilling life.

This life begins with a personal, loving encounter with Jesus and continues as they grow in a joyful spirituality within a community of like minded friends. Each person in the movement is called to live the faith every day by sharing the Good News in today's diverse environments and by carrying the mission of the Church to the peripheries of our world. Jesus Youth is approved by the Holy See and present in over 25 countries.


Over the years, through its constant yearning and seeking, a refreshing spirituality has emerged within the Jesus Youth movement.

Fellowhship Groups

Jesus Youth life is built around true, enduring friendships. Hands held together, journeys begun and continued together, words of comfort and understanding, prayers lifted up in unity-all these expressions of friendship have been the warp and weft of the movement..

Jesus Youth in Canada

The seed for the Jesus Youth movement in Canada was sown with the 2002 World Youth Day in Toronto.

Our Pillars

Drawn from the spirit of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and the rich traditions of the Church, our unique spirituality is rooted in six strong pillars. The six Pillers are


At the heart of the movement is a daily ‘quiet time’ with the Lord that leads to an experience of a loving friendship with Jesus and fosters a joyful attitude to life.

Word of God

A regular time for a meditative reading of the Sacred Scripture has always been part of the Jesus Youth way of life.


Jesus Youth are specifically encouraged to draw strength and renewal from the frequent celebration of the Eucharist and their regular participation in the sacrament of Reconciliation.


Jesus Youth are known for the deep spiritual friendships and sustained life of communion experienced through mutual support of each other, encouragement, healing and fraternal correction.


Every initiative, platform or project of the movement is rooted in fulfilling the commission of Jesus to carry the good news to the ends of the earth. This joyful experience of evangelisation is the central part of every Jesus Youth.

Option For The Poor

Jesus Youth are encouraged to stand by, support and help the poor, the sidelined and the marginalised in the societies they live in.

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