Jesus Youth – Canada


Jesus Youth orchestrated four distinct retreats tailored for couples in Canada a live-in retreat catering to 23 couples hailing from Western Canada, and two non-residential retreats in Humboldt (attended by 23 couples) and North Battleford (attended by 11 couples), representing couples from two local parishes in Saskatchewan.

Bishop Murray eloquently underscored the paramount significance of actively choosing to love as a daily commitment in the context of married life.

The L’Amour Series Couples Retreat, the fourth and final retreat in Canada, took place from June 16 to 18, 2023. The retreat brought together approximately 49 families, including 45 children and 17 infants, from various parts of Canada. This report provides an overview of the retreat, including the preparation process, the activities conducted, and the response received from the participants.

The retreat resources were Dr. Beena Manoj and Manoj Sunny. Timson Thomas skillfully led the Music Ministry. Each topic covered by the resources was followed by a time of sharing between the spouses, enhancing the retreat’s meaning and impact.

Following each thematic exploration, couples engaged in spousal sharing sessions, providing them with a unique opportunity to cultivate a deeper and more profound understanding of their own relationships. Furthermore, we thoughtfully organized separate sessions for children and teenagers, meticulously tailored to their age-specific needs, which ran concurrently with the entirety of the retreat program.